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Kashmiri walnuts with shells are whole walnuts grown in the Kashmir region of India, famed for their premium quality. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Kashmiri Cachet: Valued for:
    • Large & Plump: Known for their impressive size, potentially yielding more walnut meat per shell.
    • Rich Flavor Potential: The shells might help preserve the walnuts’ rich, buttery taste with a hint of sweetness.
    • Beautiful Shells: Kashmiri walnuts often have lighter colored shells, adding a visual appeal.

Benefits of Kashmiri Walnuts in Shell:

  • Freshness Potential: The shell acts as a natural barrier, potentially keeping the walnut meat fresher for longer.
  • Cracking Fun (or Frustration!): Cracking your own walnuts can be a fun activity, but requires some effort and tools like a nutcracker.
  • Cost-Effective (potentially): Walnuts in shell can sometimes be slightly cheaper per pound than pre-shelled options.

Things to Consider:

  • Effort vs. Convenience: Cracking your own walnuts takes extra time and effort compared to buying pre-shelled.
  • Storage: Shelled walnuts require more careful storage to maintain freshness, whereas walnuts in shell can last longer at room temperature.

Overall, Kashmiri walnuts with shells offer a potentially fresher, high-quality nut with the trade-off of needing to crack them yourself. If you enjoy the challenge, appreciate the potential cost savings, or believe in better preservation, they’re a delicious and luxurious option.

5 reviews for Walnut Kashmiri (Akhrot Sabut)

  1. Yuvan

    Nice product. Maintain quality

  2. Yashwant

    Better than Amazon or any other website

  3. Darsh


  4. Dev

    Price is great

  5. Murlimanohar

    Quality and Quantity is good

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