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Shahi jeera, literally translating to “royal cumin” in Hindi, is not actually a type of cumin at all! It’s another name for caraway seeds. Here’s a quick breakdown of shahi jeera:

  • Distinct Identity: Despite the name, shahi jeera is different from regular cumin seeds (jeera) in both appearance and flavor.
  • Look & Feel: Shahi jeera seeds are darker, thinner, and slightly longer than cumin seeds.
  • Flavor Profile: They offer a sweeter, more licorice-like flavor with a hint of citrus, compared to the warm, earthy notes of cumin.
  • Culinary Uses: Popular in Indian cuisine for:
    • Curries & Dals: Adds a unique and complex flavor profile to curries and dals.
    • Tandoori Dishes: Used in marinades for tandoori dishes for a sweet and smoky touch.
    • Garam Masala: A key ingredient in some garam masala blends.
    • Rice Dishes: Steamed with rice varieties for a subtle sweetness and aroma.

Shahi Jeera vs. Cumin:

FeatureShahi Jeera (Caraway Seeds)Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
AppearanceDarker, thinner, longer seedsLighter brown, slightly curved, plumper seeds
FlavorSweeter, licorice-like, citrusy notesEarthy, warm, slightly bitter
Common UsesCurries, dals, tandoori dishes, riceCurries, dals, tadka (tempering), vegetables

Choosing Between Them:

The choice depends on the desired flavor profile of your dish:

  • Sweet & Complex Flavor: For a sweeter, more complex flavor with a hint of licorice, use shahi jeera.
  • Earthy & Warm: If you prefer the classic warm, earthy notes of cumin, stick with regular jeera.

8 reviews for Shahi Jeera

  1. Jagroop

    Price is great

  2. Dasya

    Quality and Quantity is good

  3. Jini

    Go for it. Very good quality.

  4. Kavya

    Value for money

  5. Ishaan

    Great product, packing proper, what you are waiting just go for it

  6. Anika

    Absolutely perfect and good taste.

  7. Yashoda

    Meets our requirements

  8. Azad

    best of luck. Keep up the good work going

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