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Saunf moti translates to “big fennel seeds” in Hindi. These are whole fennel seeds that are larger than the typical fennel seeds you might find. Here’s a breakdown of saunf moti:

  • Big & Bold: Saunf moti are larger and more plump compared to regular fennel seeds or saunf barik (thin fennel seeds).
  • Stronger Aroma & Flavor: They possess a more intense and robust fennel aroma and flavor. The licorice notes might be more pronounced compared to smaller fennel seeds.
  • Culinary Uses: Popular in Indian cuisine for:
    • Cooking: Used whole in curries and dals for a slow release of fennel flavor during cooking.
    • Spiced Drinks: Can be added to spiced drinks like lassi for a stronger fennel taste.
    • Tadka (tempering): Used for tadka in curries to add a deeper fennel aroma and flavor.
    • Mouth Freshener: Enjoyed after meals as a natural breath freshener and digestive aid, though the larger size might require more chewing.

Saunf Moti vs. Other Fennel Seeds:

  • Regular Saunf: These are fennel seeds of a medium size, offering a balance between saunf moti and saunf barik in terms of flavor intensity and texture.
  • Saunf Barik: These are thin and delicate fennel seeds with a sweeter and more intense licorice flavor.

Choosing Between Them:

The choice depends on your preference and the recipe:

  • Stronger Fennel Presence: If you want a bolder fennel flavor in curries, dals, or tadka, saunf moti is a good choice.
  • Milder Fennel Touch: For a subtler fennel flavor or if you prefer a finer texture, regular saunf might be better.
  • Sweet & Delicate: If you prioritize a sweeter licorice taste and a finer texture, saunf barik might be the way to go.

Ultimately, the best type of fennel seed depends on your desired flavor profile and how you plan to use it in your dish.

11 reviews for Saunf Moti

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