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Peeli sarso sabut, whole yellow mustard seeds, are flavor and heat boosters in Indian cuisine, offering a bit more than just the basic function. Here’s a quick look:

  • Spicy Surprise: Unlike ground mustard, these whole seeds release their heat gradually, allowing you to control the intensity.
  • Nutty & Pungent: They add a unique depth of flavor with a nutty aroma and a pleasant pungency.
  • Textural Delight: The pop of a whole mustard seed in your mouth adds a fun textural element to dishes.

10 reviews for Peeli Sarso Sabut

  1. Saba


  2. Surya

    Supply as per image and description and specifications

  3. Kamil

    Nice product. Maintain quality

  4. Sridhara

    Better than Amazon or any other website

  5. Ayush


  6. Sahithi

    Price is great

  7. Parth

    Quality and Quantity is good

  8. Indra

    Go for it. Very good quality.

  9. Barir

    Value for money

  10. Tushar

    Great product, packing proper, what you are waiting just go for it

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