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Elaichi, also known as cardamom, is a prized spice cherished for its distinctive flavor and aromatic qualities. Elaichi 7mm specifically refers to cardamom pods that are 7mm in size, offering a robust flavor profile and versatile use in culinary applications.

Also Known As

Elaichi is also referred to as cardamom in English and Choti Elaichi in Hindi. In various Indian languages, it is known as “Elakkai” in Tamil, “Yelakkaya” in Telugu, and “Elakkaya” in Kannada.


Elaichi 7mm originates from the lush green regions of South India, particularly Kerala and Karnataka. These regions provide the perfect climate for cultivating high-quality cardamom.

What Other Variants

Apart from Elaichi 7mm, cardamom is available in several other sizes and types:

  • Elaichi 6mm: Smaller pods with a balanced flavor, ideal for various culinary uses.
  • Elaichi 8mm: Larger pods offering a stronger, more intense flavor profile.
  • Elaichi 9mm: The largest pods, known for their robust aroma and potent flavor.


Elaichi 7mm offers numerous health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals, supports digestion, reduces inflammation, freshens breath due to its strong aroma, and assists in detoxifying the body and improving kidney function.

How to Use

  • Whole Pods: Ideal for infusing rich, aromatic essence into dishes like biryani and korma.
  • Ground: Perfect for adding depth of flavor to masala chai and desserts like gulab jamun.
  • Beverages: Use crushed Elaichi pods in cardamom tea and lassi for a refreshing twist.
  • Baking: Incorporate ground cardamom into cookies and cakes for a warm, spiced undertone.

Shelf Life and Storage

  • Storage: Keep in an airtight container in a cool, dark place away from moisture.
  • Shelf Life: Properly stored, it can last up to a year while retaining its flavor and aroma.


While generally safe, consider the following:

  • Allergies: Some individuals may be allergic to cardamom.
  • Overuse: Excessive consumption may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.


Q: Is Elaichi 7mm stronger in taste compared to smaller sizes?
A: Elaichi 7mm offers a robust flavor profile, more intense than smaller pods but less potent than larger ones.

Q: Can I use Elaichi 7mm in both sweet and savory dishes?
A: Yes, its versatile flavor makes it suitable for a variety of culinary applications.

Q: How do I know if Elaichi has gone bad?
A: If the pods lose their aroma and flavor or appear discolored, they may have expired.

Q: What’s the difference between Elaichi 7mm and Elaichi 8mm?
A: While both are green cardamom, Elaichi 6mm are smaller and offer a more delicate flavor. Elaichi 8mm have a stronger, camphoraceous aroma.


Elaichi 7mm is a versatile and aromatic spice that enhances the flavor and aroma of a wide range of dishes. Its numerous health benefits make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.7mm cardamom pods are a great choice for those who want a flavorful and convenient way to experience the magic of cardamom. They offer a good balance of intensity and versatility, making them perfect for a wide range of culinary applications.


Disclaimer: The information provided is based on traditional uses, internet sources, and other references. It is for general knowledge only and should not be considered medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional before using Elaichi for health purposes, especially if you have any medical conditions or concern.

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